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Our award-winning ManageMore Business Software brings a whole new dimension to the world of accounting and point-of-sale solutions.

Why spend a fortune if you don't have to?
Our Business Software suite provides similar benefits to those high-end business packages used by Fortune 500 companies... and for a fraction of the cost.  Intellisoft Solutions, Inc., the makers of ManageMore, have also worked diligently to ensure business solutions  that are unique, intuitive, and well-designed for any   employee within your organization to understand (not just your managers and book keepers).

ManageMore applies large system thinking into the design of a small to mid-sized enterprise (SME).  Our products are engineered for nearly every type of industry and operation: retail, ecommerce,  wholesale, mail order, distribution, service, etc.

Why settle for a business solution that only delivers one piece of the puzzle equation, when you can have it all with a next generation management tool?  With ManageMore business software, you can have a fully integrated multi-location enabled accounting system, inventory control software, point-of-sale and invoicing software, ecommerce software, email software, RMA software, and much more in one simple-to-use package. 

From the ground up, ManageMore Business Software has also been designed to fully take advantage of the new ebusiness era with its core design being intelligently integrated with the most important benefits the internet has to offer.  The ability to email statements, send/receive emails to and from customers, create bulk email marketing campaigns, produce visual maps to a customer's residence, process credit cards and electronic checks, and receive sales orders 24/7 from your very own online web store are just some of the capabilities incorporated into the ManageMore Business Software suite.

Don't just take our word for it... evaluate ManageMore Business Software with our live interactive demo or request for a full evaluation kit so that you can test drive our business software on your desktop computer.  We are confident you will not find a better price for the value provided.


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Discover the many benefits offered by these integrated solutions within the ManageMore Business Software suite:

  • Accounting Software
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Purchasing Management Software
  • CRM Software
  • POS Software
  • Email Client Software
  • Groupware Software
  • Bulk Email Software
  • Task Manager Software
  • Sales Order Processing Software
  • Credit Card Processing Software
  • Billing Software
  • eCommerce Software
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Software
  • Mail Merge Software
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