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ManageMore Business Software comes in 3 different versions-- Lite, Standard and Professional Edition.

Many of the products listed below come standard with all three of the ManageMore software suites (refer to comparison chart for differences in the versions).

Accounting Software
Control your business with financial, reporting and business management features to help you run your small business better and provide the backbone for the rest of your operations.

Inventory Control Software
Your inventory is your most valuable asset and ManageMore's Inventory control gives you the flexibility you need to deal with outgoing orders, incoming stock, backorders, returns, or dead stock among one or many warehouses and store locations.

Purchasing Management Software
ManageMore Purchasing Management Software is all about  reducing buying activities to their necessary steps, improving employees’ productivity, eliminating inefficiencies that can lead to inventory shortages and backlogs, and improving profitability by reducing overhead on purchasing tasks.

CRM Software
Learn how ManageMore can help you improve the way you do business with customers by providing several integrated applications that work together to form a fully-functional CRM system designed to maximize profitability, and increase customer satisfaction.

POS Software
Automate and modernize how you sell to customers by interfacing with the latest hardware technologies which provide convenience, reduce data errors, and give a professional look to any retail establishment.

Email Client Software
All the email client features you would expect... tightly woven around a powerful business accounting software.  Support for all basic email functionality such as sending, receiving , replying, forwarding, carbon copy, and file attachments are just some of the capabilities you will find.

Groupware Software
Whether you have one office or multiple branches, our groupware software features can benefit you by providing a better way for getting messages to personnel and ultimately to the customer.



Bulk Email Software
Take advantage of free marketing capabilities and increase your sales through epromotions, create monthly enewsletters, build better customer relationships, remind customers of outstanding balances, or just simply wish your customers a happy holiday.  All this and more can be accomplished through our integrated bulk email engine.

Task Manager Software
ManageMore's task manager software solutions provide sophisticated task scheduling, appointment scheduling, to do's, call backs, and more.  Use ManageMore's task manager for organizing yourself personally or as a management tool for assigning responsibilities to others.

Sales Order Processing Software
ManageMore sales order software solutions are designed to generate and manage pre-invoice documents.  Whether your business relies on  work orders, service orders, repair orders, requisition orders, web orders, etc. -- ManageMore sales order software will improve the daily work flow of your business.

Credit Card Processing Software
ManageMore's Intellicharge™ software technology empowers your point-of-sale and accounts receivable practices with integrated electronic check and credit card processing which makes it fast and simple to authorize and receive payments directly from your desktop computer to your commercial bank account.

Billing Software
Simplify your billing practices with powerful incidental and recurring billing capabilities.

eCommerce Software
Build a powerful and effective internet sales portal for your ebusiness with full integration between your Web storefront and back-end supply chain processes.

Electronic Funds Transfer Software
Streamline your receivables the easy way by utilizing EFT techniques which allow customers a simpler way to pay their outstanding debt with your company. 

Mail Merge Software
Easily creating customer, prospect or vendor mailing labels to any size format you desire.  Also create custom barcoded inventory labels, rolodex cards and special stickers for sensitive materials.  Our built-in form designer will also give you the power to create your very own pre-filled letter.

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